Van locks Upgraded

Ants Locksmithing are a local locksmith company that supply and fit Thatham accredited deadlocks and slamlocks to vehicles that require a bit of extra security. Unfortunately these days it is necessary to increase the security of vans and vehicles as the thieves are finding new ways to break in and steal tools and valuables. The most common form of strengthening the vehicle is by fitting extra locks and upgrading where possible the drivers door lock. Ford Transits are especially vulnerable to this form of attack and a lot of modern vans can have their doors bent open in order to gain entry, this is due to the manufacturers using less and less materials to comply with emissions targets set by the government. The most common lock being fitted are deadlocks.
Deadlocks supplied and fitted from £137.50 per door
Ants Locksmithing can carry out the needed work whilst you work on site so you dont need to take any time off or lose a days money! It will increase your vans sell appeal so you dont actually lose out in the end you just get to keep your things safe and can continue to work.
Call or text Anthony for a hassle quote and to book in to get your van secured today.